Party Beerse October 2015 by Cristian Mitran Photography - Shootix Productions Beerse September 2015

A review about the September edition of in Beerse, Belgium. Summary – simply brillant! Fine dancers, great shows and the perfect atmosphere!

Overall: (4.5/5)

Dancing Level:
Air condition:


On Facebook Patrick from Guateque Dance Company posted it that way: “EPIC!” I can’t put it in words any better!

I knew that the is a good one, as I was there several times before in spite of the long drive to Beerse. It is taking place about two times a year. The September 2015 edition has exceeded even my greatest expectations. Maybe it was because of the many artist on site, especially because of Yamulee? There were so many experienced dancers and the atmosphere was unique – just as a Saturday party of a good festival!

Party Beerse October 2015 by Cristian Mitran Photography - Shootix Productions
Party Beerse October 2015 by Cristian Mitran Photography – Shootix Productions

The floor was indeed a little bit slippery, recently it doesn’t seem to bother me much. At the beginning of the party it was really crowded and the dancing space for 1 couple was pretty narrow but the gentlemen mastered it somehow. It really was a “full house”. Nonetheless the main area could have been a little bit bigger if that many people want to dance simultaniously. After the shows it became much more comfortable to move around relating to the dancing space.

Almost every good dancer from around 200 km radius I could think of was there, for this reason I won’t describe the dancing level any preciser: it was superb!

The location offers a big dancing hall with good wooden floor, a big stage that is higher than the parquet floor and can be used as a sitting opportunity for the dancing breaks. With the exception of during the shows, of course, for to be able to see you have to stand (and this is the only disadvantage). There are also chairs all around the room you can comfortable use for in between. Next to the stage they left a side door open during the whole party for the purpose of additional air conditioning. This didn’t affect the heat inside very much. This party is just the typical “sauna party” :)

As we arrived a little bit later at the party we didn’t find a parking space directly at the location. The nearby residential neighbourhood offers enough free opportunities for parking so that the walk takes only a few minutes.


The shows were fabulous and not only because of Yamulee. Also other teams and performers as for example The Leon Rose Project, Jose Aguilar & Lucia provided a superb show (and not as usual one for a normal party where only one famous star is present and the rest are moderat local performers). It was great fun watching all of them, the whole audience was very enthusiastic and supportive.

The music was nice. In fact there were some not really danceable songs with frequent change of the rhythm or that were in general way too fast (even for me). However my overall impression of the DJs choice was mostly positive.

Unfortunately I completely missed to pay a visit to the Kizomba room if only to have a look. I danced non-stop and was so blown away from the salsa experience that I completely forgot about everything else.


Conclusion: a brilliant party, I amused myself splendidly and I think the other dancers had also great fun that night. Thank you Tim for the excellent event, I can hardly wait for the next edition!

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  1. It was our pleasure to see so many dancers enjoying our party and making it an epic edition!!!
    Allready working on the next edition 😉
    About the heat, should be better next edition as they are working on the ventilation of the room.

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