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Do I have a favourite brand for salsa dancing shoes? Yes, I do! This is the review of my Natural Spin dancing shoes from Canada.

Summary: (4.6/5)

Shipping to Europe:


Me and my feet – this has been a big drama for ever! As flat as they are, wearing high heels always ended painfully. I tortured myself for a way too long time with uncomfortable shoes because I didn’t know that there is a better way. Finding the shoe form that fits your sole uniquely is really crucial. Prior to that I needed around 10 minutes after taking off the high heeled shoes to be able to walk again normally. Now it isn’t as bad any more.


Therefore I decided to reach out to other girls throughout the big salsa scene over the world that may have the same problems and maybe help them out of this misery. In my shoe series I will introduce different dancing shoe brands I am pleased with. Now I am starting with Natural Spin, later I will write a review about my experience with Rummos and Supadance (the last brand is offering vegan shoes!).


Natural Spin – the first time I heard about this brand was at the Berlin Salsa Congress in 2013. The french distributor of the Canadian company had a booth at the festival and was selling at promotional prices. The trendy designer shoes were an eyecatcher between the common brands I already knew. After 3 days of consideration I sacrificed the money for the black-white model T1102-T12_BlackwhSF_a and ordered a customized version of the shoes.


To be clear – the black-whites are my all time favourite (dancing) shoes! But it was a big odyssey until I finally had them in my hands. I will give you the short version: I won’t order at the French retailer ever again. They took my order (and the money) and had to deliver by mail, as I ordered an individual shoe with 6,5 cm heel instead of the standard one with 9 cm. After 6 months of inquiries, strange excuses, no replies at all, deleting my posts at their facebook-page and so on, I asked the European Customer Center in Germany for assistance. At the end I received my shoes only after taking legal action. Well, as soon as they arrived, I was immediately in love!

I have never thought that I will ever be able to dance without heel protector at such a thin high heel! Never ever had I worn a dancing shoe for the first time and had no blisters or wounds after that. This strap material is super soft, it is made of cloth and somehow manages not to damage the skin at all. I am wearing the shoes for a year and a half now and they are not really showing any traces of the intensive use I put them through. There is also no smell in spite of the black sole. The following pictures are showing that new vs. old is not looking quite different.

For this picture I brushed the shoes really strongly with a hard brush and dry cleanser in order to get the white clean again and this wasn’t a problem for the material. Although it happens really often that I collide with somebody else on the dance floor and my feet and shoes get hurt, until now there is only one damage in the heel paint. And that is completely ok with me as it isn’t really showing.


I had a pair of golden dancing shoes I had to throw away a few months after I bought them, as they had so many black stripes at the heel (also from bumping into each other).

These are the reasons I am so happy about my Natural Spin shoes, so that I ordered 2 new pairs directly in Canada. This time it worked out perfectly. They have an enormous variety of colours and shapes, you can also order your shoes extra wide or extra narrow. The price for them is around the “normal” dancing shoes price, if not a little less, but with the customizing option.


For me the best is the range of heel versions: one can combine every model with any heel colour and heel type. At the end you have the feeling that you have created your pesonal one of a kind pair. If only Natural Spin had a reliable office in Europe! In this case there wouldn’t by any problems with customs duty and one could have a place to try the shoes on. In any case, I would place my next order as soon I book my next USA trip. Another thing to be improved is a clearer arrangement of the models at the online shop of Natural Spin, as for now I am missing the search option for example by colour.


In detail: I recently ordered the following models: DL1102-T12_YeGCGoldEL in gold and yellow-squares and T13124_RoJS with a pink heel. With the gold shoes I am completely satisfied (as with the black-whites). The pink ones are a little more difficult to wear, as the front stripe is so narrow and has to bear the whole weight and there is a noticeable pressure on the toes. In spite of this, I didn’t get any wounds after the first night out but still I noticed some discomfort. Not really ideal is also that the section of the toes where they separate from the feet is showing above the strap. Now I may try to cover it with some additional accessoire which I am still searching for. Nevertheless the first time wearing them was alright.


I will be glad to hear from you about your experiences with dancing shoes and other brands you love and can recommend.
FYI: This is NOT a sponsored post. I always pass my good but also my bad experiences and recommend only the things I am personally positive about.

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