Hamburg Salsa Festival 2015


Salsa Festival Hamburg – my salsa experience on July 24th and 25th 2015. A review of the parties, location and general dancing level. Summary: better than expected!

Overall: (4.4/5)

Dancing Level:
Air condition:

This July I travelled spontaneously to the Hamburg Salsa Festival. It was my 5th or 4th time there, after skipping last year. I couldn’t make a decision in advance if I wanted to go or not because since 2013 I had mixed feelings about the festival. In my opinion it has been getting smaller from year to year, and I heard the same from other dancers at the location. Therefore I wasn’t sure if it was worth the effort. But to my surprise it definetely was!

In fact there were less people also this time, therefore the festival was in a new location. It was very fine, but also not so big. I can remember some NRW Salsa Gala parties being almost the same “size”. In spite of the fact that the “crowd” was less, the quality of the dancers has improved in my opinion. I had very few bad dances and rarely some on1. Although I danced with a lot of friends, there were many advanced dancers I didn’t know. And this is my main criterion.

The view from the top floor of the Emporio Haus was breathtaking! This is the reason I wasn’t dancing on the lower floor at all, except for the beginning of the Friday party. It was a pity that both dancing floors were way apart from each other, so there was a small effort to change the rooms. A friend of mine told me that on Saturday night she was waiting for half an hour for the lift until she could go up again, as the roof top room was obviously already too full. And this is far from ideal, when you have to queue (on highheels!) for a longer period of your “dancing” time instead of actually being on the dancefloor.

Some comments on facebook said that it was too hot at the party. I disagree on that point, for me it was normal. Ok, it wasn’t chilly but there are way worse cases. For the number of pepole present it was really acceptable. On the other hand, it was very difficult to find a free dancing spot during the “rush hour”.

What I appreciate the most is when the shows are starting on time and you can sit while watching them. Staying on your feet (even more on highheels) for more than an hour makes me already tired before having danced at all. For that reason I found the Saturday location the perfect one. The Laeiszhalle was beautiful and contributed to an amazing show atmosphere. As announced the shows were in fact pretty on time (for a salsa festival) and I value it highly!

The line-up was as always excellent. I even met some of the stars on the dancefloor later on. For someone like me, who is “addicted to spins”, the dancefloor was in the ideal condition. However, some may argue that it was a little bit slippery (but it was a dream for spinning). The price for entering without a pass ticket is for me … a little bit exaggerated (in spite of the pre-selling the Saturday party costs 35€!).
What can be better next time is the clear notice that the location has changed. For those of us, who were surprised by the closed doors of the Congress Center at Dammtor it would have been very helpful.
Moreover, I would have liked to have some pictures of this festival. I found it odd not seeing any photographers during the parties.

On the whole – I will be there next year once again. The parties are worth my travelling time and money.

Bildquelle: George BUFAN Photography

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