El Corazón Ardiente Eindhoven

My favourite party over the boarder! Fine location, the best of dancers, I can’t wish for more.

Overall: (4.5/5)

Dancing Level:
Air condition:

Philips Stadion Eindhoven
Philips Stadion Eindhoven

It is no insider tip any more: The El Corazón Ardiente is one of my favourite parties in the border region of Aachen. For me it is the perfect occasion to go dancing – an acceptable driving distance, no parking fees, good dancers, a wonderful location and the perfect dancing floor. It takes place more or less every two months in the city of Eindhoven.

I have been visiting the party in the Philips Stadion since the very beginning in May 2013. At first there was a very familiar atmosphere as I knew most of the dancers. But in a very short period it attracted more and more people and came to be a really big party. I still know the most of the salsa dancers but it is still a great pleasure to go there, not least because of the great music (I can’t really remember to ever had experienced a “bad music night” there).

Stadium EindhovenFor an event taking place on a regular basis it is attracting advanced dancers from all 3 countries of the region, so the dancing level is quite high. I can’t tell the exact proportion between on1 and on2 dancers (maybe a little more on2), but with all levels and styles you won’t have any problems finding an appropriate dance partner. Moreover, I find the location very original and suitable for dancing. You are dancing right at the premium football tribunes of the Philips Stadium with a wonderful view of the nightly pitch. There is access to fresh air from every point of the dancing area, which I call a real luxury.

The dancefloor is top quality from the very beginning untill the very end (no gradual development from too slippery to sticky in the course of the party). The wooden floor is amazing for spinning! The air condition is top in the winter season, in summer you have to go out to get a cool break. I would say it is “the usual sweaty extent” of I good salsa party.

There were 4 separate dance areas in August:

Area 1 Mambo on 2 | Salsa LA | Chacha | Guaguanco | Salsa Dura
Area 2 Bachata (Dominicana | Romantica)
Area 3 Salsa Cubana
Area 4 Kizomba | Semba | Afro House

For November the organizer annouced 6 dance areas.

InnenambienteThe salsa dancefloor has a little bit unusual form as it stretches along the long side of the field. It is not very wide – rather narrow, surrounded by comfortable seats, but can be expanded to the side. In my opinion, it has never been so crowded as to have severe space limits. Only at one of the bigger editions I noticed that the dancing space shrinked but was still working well for moving around. The bar is situated conveniently next to the salsa dancefloor.

Tanzende Leute EindhovenSome editions of the El Corazón Ardiente had also some good shows, which I personally missed last time (but are planned for November again :). The organizers are also offering workshops/bootcamps I can’t say anything about, as I haven’t visited them.

The price has stayed relative stable during the years – for me very acceptable 15 € (buying online in advance for a group of people is to some advantage even with the payment fee included). There were 2 photographers at the party, that were often seen in the salsa area.

Overall I can recommend El Corazón Ardiente to everyone! Even in the summer holiday season it was well attended by many good dancers. My only recommendation will be not to end the party at 2 o’clock in the morning, 3 o’clock should be the very least for such a nice party.

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