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DABBA – freshness for your face!

My new obsession – face floral waters of all kinds. Here a review of the floral waters set of the Latvian brand DABBA. Learn about the meadowsweet, pepperming and yarrow floral water.

Summary: (4.7/5)


DABBA Set "Stärke der Wiese"
DABBA Set “power from the meadow”

In spite of the autumn weather I had to write a chorus of praise for the summer I already miss so much. I can’t think of a more suitable product for this purpose than the DABBA floral waters :)

My favourite “minis” are the ones I can carry with along with me throughout the day. My bottles of facial toner (orange blossom, rose and herbal water) were as good as empty, therefore I indulged myself with the DABBA Set “Power from the Meadow”. These small all-rounders are perfect for boosting up the dewiness of the complexion – one can refresh and nourish easily in between.

Why use facial water?

In summer, when the skin doesn’t need such intensive care, one can use floral water instead of face tonic to provide a quick pick-me-up from morning until bedtime and if necessary to remove the shine excess. In the winter season, with the skin challenge called heating, it provides extra moisture during the day. In spite of already having used a face cream/lotion in the morning, during the day I tend to get tension in my dry cheeks which I can counter with some drops of herbal water that seal in the hydration. This comes especially handy in comparison to applying an extra layer of a cream facial product as you can spray the water over your make-up without spoiling it (actually it sets the make-up!). Moreover any kind of beauty product is much better absorbed by the skin because of using it in mixture with facial water.

DABBA Set "Stärke der Wiese"
DABBA Set “Power from the meadow”

Let’s move on to my new discovery in this matter: the DABBA floral waters. At the moment I am using the bottles of 50 ml from the set “Power from the meadow”. It contains meadowsweet floral water, peppermint floral water and yarrow floral water in organic quality. The products wear the ECCOCERT seal.

DABBA is a Latvian company producing on regional basis. In place of exotic plants, they use only locally grown herbs as their healing properties are not less effective than the ones from far away. I like their main principle very much: regionality as top priority. Besides, the product design inspired by plants extracts inside is really appealing. The bottles are made of dark glass with a plastic pump, which sprays extremely fine to my personal delight (it is a real facial mist!). in my opinion, having big drops of water on my face is suboptimal. Unfortunately, there is always a drop leaking from the thread of my floral water bottles (most noticable with the meadowsweet floral water) as soon as I begin to spray. I hope that DABBA will correct this flaw.

The best of it and my main requirement (also the reason for writing this post) is: there is no alcohol inside these floral waters! The only included preservative is Leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrat which is obtained naturally by the fermentation of radish roots and acts as an antimicrobial.

DABBA Mädesüsswasser
DABBA Meadow sweet floral water

The meadowsweet floral water has the lightest scent of all. It smells sweet and of herbs. This is also my favourite bottle. All of you who don’t like the typical herbage and grass fragrance should be officially warned. Precisely these are very pleasent to my nose, as it sets them apart from the characteristical floral water that includes rose or orange scents.

DABBA states the following qualities to the meadowsweet floral water:

Meadowsweet floral water tones cleanses and calms the skin. Calming effect of Floral Water helps to reduce irritation and redness of skin. Meadowsweet promotes activity of rejuvenating processes within skin, restores pH level while helping skin to retain smooth and radiant look. Moisturizes and restores skin also after sunbathing. Will caress your skin when enjoying steam bath and applying eye compresses.

Thankfully until now I didn’t have any sunburn to try out the outcome. What I did notice (all 3 bottles are in use for some months now), was the calming effect. If you spray some DABBA floral water on irritated skin, it instantly relaxes and plumps it up. In addition, there is this dreamy scent that inspires the senses – the perfect summer scent.

DABBA Pfefferminzwasser
DABBA Peppermint floral water

Although I have to admit that I am not a big fan of peppermint, the job that this water is doing is absolutely fantastic. The flavour is a real “kick of freshness”, not too strong, but a little bit towards “honey spiced peppermint tea”.

Peppermint Floral Water tones, cleanses and arouses the skin. It is suitable for tired or stressed skin that has lost its radiance. Floral water reduces the redness, calms irritated skin and helps to restore the natural radiance and tone of the skin. Peppermint refreshes, promotes blood circulation and stimulates regeneration of the skin cells.


DABBA Schafgarbeblütenwasser
DABBA yarrow floral water

Last but not least: the yarrow floral water. It is very difficult to describe the scent of this water – the most suitable should be of a summer picnic at the freshly mowed meadow, in which the herbal smell sticks clearly out. For my nose it is somewhat too intensive directly after applying, as it fades out quickly, I can use it just as well.

For now I haven’t tried it on the scalp, but on the skin it proves the same properties as the meadowsweet water in terms of the calming effect.

Yarrow Floral Water cleanses, tones and calms the skin. Yarrow promotes the activity of skin cells and  improves blood circulation in skin that helps to reduce inflamation as well as redness. Due to it’s cleansing, anti-inflamatory and calming properties Yarrow is a great healer of problematic and damaged skin that helps to fight acne too. Calms and revitalizes sun – kissed skin. Also good for hair and scalp care.

All 3 water variations improve the absorbing of cremes and oils into the skin, help my make-up stay fresh and ease it into the skin for a natural complexion. Above all, the gorgeous scent allows you to immerse in a sensory experience, uplifts and soothes your spirits. Every day I am looking forward to this small “aroma therapy” :)

DABBA also offers other variations of floral water: chamomile floral water, apple water, wild raspberry leaf water, birch leaf water, heather floral water, the last three are available as a mini set “Power from the Forest“.

More about the DABBA brand you can learn in the blog of Herbs and Flowers, who met the company founders herself.

Anitas Welt reviews the peppermint floral water, Die Testbar the Birch Leaf Water and Terra Veggia the set “Power of the Meadow“.



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