Golden Love Gala

1st International Golden Love Gala Cologne

A complete disappointment for me. Almost no salsa songs, only very few dances, bad organization. Absolutely not recommended for salseros.

Overall: (1.3/5)

Dancing Level:
Air condition:

Golden Love Gala
Golden Love Gala

For me it was an exception to experience such a disappointment at a salsa party. The first one was a while ago in Brussels and this one here.

In fact, I am a supporter of new events and organizers, as I want to give everyone a fair chance to win me as a customer. In return, I expect very little: a professionally organized event and a nice occasion to go dancing, that is enough for me. Therefore a friend of mine and I tried out the 1st International Golden Love Gala. Sadly, this was an obvious mistake for many reasons. The most important one: if someone announces a kizomba-bachata-salsa event, it should consist of those 3 styles, and precisely also of salsa!

At the evening of September 12th in the Matthias-Brüggen-str. 4 in Cologne that was not the case at all. We paid the expensive entrance fee of 20 € because of the explicit promise of the cashier lady that the room at the back is for salsa. This room was not bigger than my anyway small living room, empty, and the DJ played merely bachata for his girlfriend and himself. As we entered the location they were playing salsa in the big room, after this the DJ switched only to kizomba and bachata, too.

This was my first party at which I danced altogether… maybe 3 dances at the most, in spite of the fact that there were some dancers present! After many people complained about the matter of the missing salsa music, shortly before midnight they eventually switched to salsa in the small room, only to stop 3 songs later because of the shows starting. But the shows started not before 20 minutes later. In the meantime there was again no place to dance salsa. Even the photographer fussed the whole time about the impossible situation. And surprise: after the shows they closed the small room altogether.

concerning the shows: 2 of them were ok, there was a nice mambo show, but the rest was not really worth watching. I knew none of the artists and unfortunately they didn’t come to the dancefloor afterwards to dance with the audience. The moderation was poor to ridiculous (no microphone, partly only in french (in Germany!), the host had to look for the stars before their show, as they did not appear on time, etc.). The “whole” rather small audience seemed to have the same feelings about the shows as me.

I have no idea how the workshops were as I didn’t attend them.

The big room for kizomba/bachata was not so bad for dancing as a whole. For a party of average size it would have been sufficient, the floor was also good enough. The location was half empty the whole time  as the number of dancers was way too small for the whole dancefloor. The small room would have been enough for the bachata/kizomba dancers but for salsa it was way too tight and inappropriate. The building itself was situated in a queer neighbourhood, the toilets were so scruffy, that we prefered a 50 minute drive back home to using them.

After the shows we waited for some time to see if it was going to get better but it didn’t, so we drove home. The girl we met as we entered the party left also with us and had the same disappointed feelings about the event.

Apparently, I have to pay much more attention at the event organizers while choosing my future parties. The people behind every successful salsa event have my biggest respect as I am aware of the stressful job they are performing at a professional level. A poorly conceived organization can be managed by anyone only to be praised afterwards in the social media as the biggest and greatest event ever. Only everybody has the right to agree or disapprove, as I am doing through this post.



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